The other day, I was sitting and wondering why I wasn't winning in life.

I was putting in the effort. I was dedicated, sincere - and everything else that they use to describe as 'qualities of success'. I had them all - all except success, of course.

It was then that a thought struck me - what if the fault was not in my approach towards success but in the mere fact that I need to be successful ?

Or even worse,

What if I was already successful but I'm not able to see it ?

Have you ever been in such a situation?

Have you ever found yourself exhibiting all the 'qualities of success' - you are smart, you work hard, you put in the effort and sweat it out, you develop contacts and reach out to people - you do everything that the internet defines as the 'requirements of success' and yet, you are nowhere near success or worse, sinking deeper into the pits of failure ?

If yes, in such circumstances, have you ever thought about ' what if you are successful but you just don't see it' ?

Just take a moment to think about this :

Is the problem here about you not having succeeded  ? or you not having achieved yours ( or the worlds ) definition of success ?

You may ask, 'Aren't both the same' ?

NO !

The thing about our definition of success ( at least in 99% of the cases ) is that they are more often than not, related to achieving something :

I will be successful if I get the first prize....

I will be successful if I finish in the top 3...

I will successful if he/she becomes happy because of me...

The first prize, the reason for someones happiness - these are all achievements. And while there is nothing wrong in achieving things, there is one golden rule that all of us tend to forget :

Success ≠ Achievement

You can be the worlds best businessman and you can still be a complete failure

You can be a Olympic gold medalist but still be selling vadas in roadshops ( I'm not kidding - check this out for real world examples )

You can be a celebrity but still choose to end your life ( fame doesn't mean success. check this out if you think all rich and famous people enjoy a life of party)

Do you see where we are getting with this ?

Success is not always in the form of loud applause. sometimes it takes the form of silent progress

Every time you lose the match, ask yourself  'Am I satisfied with the level of preparation I put in' ?

Failed in the exam ? ask yourself 'did I give my best' ?

Failed relationship ? Ask yourself 'did I love truly' ?

If the answer to these questions is yes, then my dear friend you are already successful.

For you see,

Success ≠ Achievement. Success = satisfaction

Every time you feel like a failure, ask yourself this question : 'Did I give my best' ?

If the answer is no, take a piece of paper and write down what you can do better.

If the answer is yes, leave all regrets and keep moving

- Not because you have failed and you have to try again but because you have achieved one of the rarest forms of success - the silent success of the heart

The real reward my friend, is the race and not the trophy that comes after it.

See you next time !